Ricky Mason + Chris Redd

A serial entrepreneur and an angel investor joined forces to form Rheddorick, a platform to amplify diversity in the Midwest startup ecosystem. Based in Louisville, KY, Rheddorick hosts Network ‘N Chill, a digital and in-person event series.

Network + Chill authentically connects founders, funders, and anyone in the entrepreneurial ecosystem through storytelling, education, and inclusivity. We know collaboration and knowledge sharing are vital in any journey, and we believe curating a dedicated network with authentic conversation in a fun environment will create density in the region.

Ricky and Chris have coached numerous startup founders to grow and scale their businesses. Read More


    Based in Louisville, KY, Chris and Ricky are well connected throughout the Midwest region. The Rheddorick team is prepared to help plan and us host your next networking event or professional party.

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    State Small Business Credit Initiative (SSBCI) – Lunch & Learn w/ Rheddorick – Virtual

    Jan 17th @ 12p

    Meet Rheddorick

    Co-founders of Network + Chill

    Chris Redd

    Chris Redd is born and raised in Milwaukee, WI and now resides in Louisville, Kentucky. He is a Louisville technology ecosystem builder, investor, advisor, and consultant.  Chris offers more than 14 years of business, healthcare, and technology experience.

    Ricky Mason

    Born and raised in Louisville, KY, Ricky Mason is the founder of award-winning startup, BrainSTEM. Ricky has over 10 years of experience in system engineering, product development, and business strategy. Before startup life, Ricky launched rockets at NASA, built cyber networks for the CIA, and led AgTech research at  the University of Kentucky.

    A radical idea to change the face of startup

    Ricky and Chris connected on a mutual interest in real estate investment. Both had recently (re)located to Louisville, and were jumping head first into startup. After a few conversations over bourbon and cigars, their vision grew exponentially to something bigger than they could have imagined. It’s not easy getting into startup for anyone, especially for the young and pigmented folks. But Ricky and Chris are no strangers to adversity. They tackle tough problems in VC, startup and tech while sharing their network and creating a more inclusive and dense ecosystem.

    Network N Chill Rheddorick
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    Network N Chill Rheddorick
    Network N Chill Rheddorick

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    We rely on sponsors to keep Network + Chill events free and open to the public. This furthers our mission of bringing inclusivity and density to the Midwest startup ecosystem. Subscribe to our patreon, or reach out to Rheddorick to sponsor an event.